Issue 23 and Volume 80.

FALSE ALARMS PERSONAL FIRE PREVENTION Reports are constantly coming in as to how fire prevention week was observed. But perhaps the most novel way of commemorating the week was that followed by a fair and ambitious stenographer. Riding down to work, a “secretary” remarked to another, “Did you observe Fire Prevention Week?” “Sure I did,” replied the fair one, “I got into the office earlier ’cause the boss was getting sore.” F. S. GOOD FOR SOMETHING A large number of men had applied to join the fire department. Men of every description, shape and temperament were gathered in the office of the medical examiner for the preliminary physical examination before they were permitted to take the mental tests. The chief sauntered in to see what type of men would enter the department, just then the doctor rejected a tall individual with extra large feet. “Wait a moment, doctor,” hastily said…

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