Rome, Ga., Plans for Xmas

Issue 23 and Volume 80.

Rome, Ga., Plans for Xmas On December 25 there will be more than one child in Rome, Ga., who will have occasion to thank the members of the fire department when they say their nightly prayers. In that city they have an organization known as “The Gang.” Members of this organization, with the assistance of the fire department, collect all discarded or broken toys. This practice was started two years ago and the results are indicative of the good that has resulted. Firemen patch and repair the play things until they are almost like new. There is a sled for one, a doll carriage for another, a pushniobile for an active youngster or a game for some other youngster whom Santa Claus might normally pass by. When the rural mail men make their Christmas eve trip, they have a heavy load of such toys shipped from the fire department. Chief…

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