Trenton Has Modern Fire Headquarters

Issue 23 and Volume 80.

Trenton Has Modern Fire Headquarters Results of investigation in the design of the fire department headquarters in Philadelphia, Atlantic City and New York, have been embodied in the construction of a headquarters building in Trenton, N. J. The building is in reality two separate buildings constructed of concrete and steel, faced with brick and cast stone trimmings. One building houses the headquarters companies, the chief and assistant chiefs, and the administration offices. The other building contains the complete automatic repair and painting shops so that about ninety-five per cent of the department’s repair work will be done in their own shops. The court between will serve as a fire training school where every fireman, recruit or veteran, will report for instruction under Captain Ervin E. Terry, about one day in each two weeks. Here they will maintain familiarity with all the items of equipment and their use. together with developing…

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