Boston Installs Fuel Wagon

Issue 26 and Volume 80.

Boston Installs Fuel Wagon A fuel wagon mounted on 2 1/2-ton Mack truck has been placed in service in the Boston, Mass., fire department. It is quartered in the station of Engine Companies 38 and 39 on Congress street, South Boston. It carries a 300-gallon gasoline supply tank and a number of five gallon filling cans. It also has lubricating oil for use of pumpers at fires. The truck is equipped with a Syntron electric portable saw mounted on the wagon for emergency use. It is believed that in cases where it will be necessary to cut away timbers or to make holes for the insertion of cellar pipes, the saw will prove more effective and will do the work quicker than axes. The truck is equipped with jacks, blocks, towing cables and various tools for wrecking duty at fires. The machine responds to all multiple alarm fires. Mishawaka, Ind.,…

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