Issue 1 and Volume 81.

CONVENTION DATES May 7-10—NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION (International). 32nd Annual Meeting, Atlantic City, N. J. Secretary, Franklin H. Wentworth, 40 Central Street, Boston, Mass. May 10-11—ARIZONA STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 5th Annual Convention, Bisbee, Ariz. Secretary, Chief W. J. Nemeck, Douglas, Ariz. June—WISCONSIN STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 41st Annual Convention and Tournament, (tentative date) about middle of June, at Kiel, Wis. Recording secretary, E. Philip Mueller, Jefferson, June—OKLAHOMA STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 34th Annual Convention and State Firemen’s Training School (tentative date), Blackwell. Okla. (Exact date to be fixed by Executive Board.) Secretary, Charles Slemp, 651 East 12th St., Oklahoma City. 5-7—KENTUCKY STATE FIRE CHIEFS’ AND FIREMEN S ASSOCIATION. 10th Annual Convention, Middlesboro, Ky. Secretary, Captain S. G. Render, Fire Department Instructor, 303 Speed Building, Louisville, Ky. June 16—LEBANON COUNTY FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual Convention, Palmyra, Pa. Secretary, William I. Kutz, Box 233, June19-21—HUDSON VALLEY VOLUNTEER FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 39th Annual Convention, Kingston, N. Y.…

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