Issue 1 and Volume 81.

CONTENTS JANUARY 11. 1928 VOL. LXXXI No. 1 Instructing the Public Through Exhibits, by Asst. Chief Eugene F. Hackett (Illustrated) 9 How the Milwaukee Fire Department Inspection Bureau Demonstrates Prevention. Heavy Streams May Have Held Fire (Illustrated) 11 Best Procedure Where Fast Spreading and Hot Fire is Encountered with Limited Department. With the Editor 15 Comments on Current Events and Live Topics by Our Editorial Staff. Questions and Answers. 17 Replies to Questions on All Manner of Subjects of Fire Fighting and Fire Protection. Recent Important Fires Specially Reported (Illustrated) 11 N. Y. Firemen Escape Death as Building Crashes at Fire—Burnings of Two Weeks. Fire Department Activities. 31 Newsy Notes from All Over the Country with Matters Firemanic. Fire Department Improvements 32 Record of Business Activities in the Fire Protection Field. False Alarms 36 The Humorous Side of the Fire Protection Profession.

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