Mersey River Coated With Gasoline

Issue 1 and Volume 81.

Mersey River Coated With Gasoline Firemen stationed on both sides of the Mersey river near Liverpool, England, and watchmen assigned to the various ferries to prevent smoking, prevented a fire which might have destroyed the various towns and cities along the river banks. The American Tanker Seminole went aground on a bank a mile south of Liverpool. The boat had a cargo of 10,000 tons of naptha, gasoline and other highly inflammable liquids. The strong river current broke the ship’s back and the oil was carried down the river. The Seminole is a motor ship with a crew of thirty-five men. For seven miles along both the Liverpool and Cheshire sides, fire brigades were stationed at regular intervals ready for any emergency. Wreck buoys were set up about the stranded steamer and ships plying up and down the river were advised to give the Seminole a wide berth.

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