Eastern Fire Alarm Men Meet

Issue 1 and Volume 81.

Eastern Fire Alarm Men Meet The December meeting of the Eastern Association of Superintendents of Fire and Police Telegraph was held in the Hotel Bridgway in Springfield, Mass., on Dec. 14 and 15. The talks at the meeting were preceded by a short business session held in Springfield fire alarm headquarters. Fire Commissioner William W. Tapley welcomed the visitors. In the afternoon a talk was given by H. D. Bond, field engineer of the National Fire Protection Association. There was also a discussion of the workmen’s compensation rules. At a round table smoker held in the Hotel Bridgway the speakers included Horace Clark, chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners, Hartford, Conn.; and Supt. Alfred C. Ames, of the Providence, R. I., fire alarm system, who is president of the association. The importance of an ample number of five alarm boxes was stressed by several speakers. The second day’s session…

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