Issue 1 and Volume 81.

WITH THE EDITOR The Trend of Roofing Laws Another city has just swung into line in the matter of the prohibition of inflammable roofing. San Francisco, through its Board of Supervisors, at the end of 1927, adopted an ordinance with two important provisions. One of these extends the boundaries of the area in which the inflammable shingle can no longer be used to practically the entire city, only a small district being exempted. The other section of the law of notable importance provides that any existing roof of inflammable material which has been damaged to the extent of 20 per cent of its area, must be replaced by fire resistant material. Few enactments of recent years have had such a sweeping effect upon the reduction of fire losses as those abolishing the inflammable roof coverings from cities and populous centers. There are so many varieties of non-inflammable roof covering which…

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