Soviet Russia Orders Fire Apparatus

Issue 1 and Volume 81.

Soviet Russia Orders Fire Apparatus Soviet Russia has ordered equipment for the protection of an oil refinery and tank farm in far-off Caucasus through the Amtorg Trading Corporation of New York, their purchasing agents. The order was placed with the American-LaFrance & Foamite Corporation. The equipment includes the two-solution system for making foam. An engineer from this company will supervise the installation of the equipment for the Russian government. It is believed that the installation will require at least a year. The property has thirty-four 115-foot tanks and nine 78-foot tanks. The government contemplates the addition of eleven 77-foot tanks, thirty 61-foot tanks and nine 50-foot tanks. Soviet Russia is making an effort to develop the country along industrial lines, and it is believed that other orders for fire protection equipment and apparatus will follow.

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