Steam Shovel Fights Peat Fire

Issue 2 and Volume 81.

Steam Shovel Fights Peat Fire For two years, a peat deposit has been burning leisurely in Culver City, Cal. A steam shovel has been brought to the location in an attempt to extinguish this underground blaze. The shovel was used to dig a trench twelve feet wide and nearly five feet deep. Another ditch that is used as a drain will feed into the channel excavated. As soon as the first winter rain falls, the ditch and the storm drain will pour thousands of gallons of water on the burning peat. There is a depression in the acre of ground where the peat is located. When the surface water will drain into the ditches, the ground will be transformed into a lake. In the opinion of John C. Shaw, city engineer of Los Angeles, this method should solve the problem of extinguishing the slowly burning blaze. Painesville, O., Has Ladder…

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