Firemen Aid Horse Rescue

Issue 2 and Volume 81.

Firemen Aid Horse Rescue You’d think a self-respecting horse would be able to eat breakfast without attracting a crowd. Well, he can’t! Jerry supplies the motive power for a baker’s wagon. On the morning in question the odor of cabbage, drifting from the restaurant basement proved too much for him, and he yielded to the present-day temptation of cellars. He stuck his nose far down into the yawning chasm. He finally fell in. The Fire Department, true to tradition, were first upon the scene to rescue the animal. San Francisco has a modern fire department, but not equipped to handle such cases. They called the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Again mechanical and physical means failed. The Equipment and Maintenance Division of the Market Street Railway Company promptly sent the company’s five-ton electric crane car. T. Bell, arrived with the crane car. A sling was rigged up…

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