Issue 3 and Volume 81.

CONTENTS FEBRUARY 8, 1928 VoL. LXXXI No. 3 Entered as second class matter at the Post Office, Albany, N. Y., January 29, 1926, under the Act of March 3, 1879. CONTENTS FEBRUARY 8, 1928 VoL. LXXXI No. 3 How to Get Capacity from Your Pumpers, by O. J. Swander 97 Should Be Tested Periodically and Alter all Repairs. Fighting Fires in Frame Tenements, by Chief Charles L. McCarthy (Portrait) 99 Some Practical Hints by Chief Along These Lines. A Coal Pocket Fire Gets Away (illustrated) 101 Fire Spreads to Pumping Station, Putting It Out of Commission. With the Editor ……….. 103 Comments on Current Events and Live Topics by Our Editorial staff. Questions and Answers ………….. 105 Replies to Questions on All Manner of Subjects of Fire Fighting and Fire Protection. Recent Important Fires Specially Reported (Illustrated) 107 Series of Incendiary Fires in Washington, D. C.— Burning of Two Weeks.…

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