Issue 3 and Volume 81.

WITH THE EDITOR “Shake Down” or Shake-Up! Just at this time, when the genor eral practice among fire departments is to prohibit solicitations for any purpose among their members, the “invitation” to the firemen of Chicago to join Mayor Thompson’s so-called “America First Foundation,” at the cost of ten dollars per man, is conspiculousily brazen. Such solicitation from the authorities amounts to nothing less than a command and is unwarranted and ill-conceived. It is surprising that the high officials of so important a city as Chicago should be guilty of thus coercing their fire-fighters into contributing to something that the majority of them are opposed to. The thing is all the more reprehensible in that the “request” to join the “Foundation” was made on the firemen’s pay day, and was immediately preceded by a shake-up in the police department, following a similar “invitation” made to the police a month ago.…

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