Issue 3 and Volume 81.

CHICAGO FIREMEN ASKED TO AID “AMERICA FIRST FOUNDATION” Invitation to Join Distributed on Pay Day— Police Asked to Contribute Month Earlier— Police Shakeup Believed Due to Non-Payment FIREMEN of Chicago were cordially “invited” to support another venture of Mayor Thompson. They were asked to pay ten dollars each as a membership fee to the “America First Foundation.” The invitation was not considered lightly by the firemen—in fact the men were trying to read between the lines, for the request came the day that the men received their pay. Coincident with the drive for members, came the announcement that 395 members of the police department were transferred to undesirable locations. While not definitely known, it is believed that the men were “sent to the sticks,” for failure to become members of Mayor Thompson’s organization. With the customary good nature of a fireman, one said: “We should consider ourselves lucky. The police…

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