Issue 3 and Volume 81.

FALSE ALARMS THEY ALL CAME Only the quick action of the fire department saved the elaborate home of Mrs. Leeland Smith-Taylor. In appreciation of the good work, the madam decided to invite the captain to her next reception. He received the following note: “Mrs. Leeland Smith-Taylor requests the pleasure of Captain McCarthy’s company at a reception on February 10.” McCarthy was versed in what was expected of a gentleman. He wrote a note of acceptance: “With the exception of the four men who have been transferred to another shift and the fireman who has been suspended for drunkeness, Captain McCarthy’s company accepts with pleasure Mrs. Smith-Taylor’s invitation for the Tenth of February.” A PRECEDENT WITH POSSIBILITIES There is a Santa Claus! A baby was born in Fall River, Mass., on December 25 and the parents registered his name with the city clerk as Santa Claus Connors. Imagine what would happen…

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