Fire Truck Wrecked to Save Child

Issue 3 and Volume 81.

Fire Truck Wrecked to Save Child Quick thinking by the driver of Ladder Truck 52, New York city, saved the life of a ten-year old child who had rushed into the path of the oncoming apparatus. The apparatus swerved onto the sidewalk but because of the icy pavements could not regain the road. The driver was forced to take the chance of driving the machine over an embankment where there is a fifty foot drop to the tracks of the subway system. The apparatus skidded and the driver realized that he was unable to stop the machine. He jumped and shouted to the others who also jumped without any material injury. The machine hung over the embankment and swung like a pendulum with the wind. Emergency squads from the fire and police departments worked for hours trying to free the machine. They were successful.

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