Boston Firemen May Get More Pay

Issue 4 and Volume 81.

Boston Firemen May Get More Pay Mayor Malcolm E. Nichols, of Boston, Mass., made the following statement during a recent address: The municipal group, consisting of the uniformed forces of the police and fire departments, should now be given serious consideration, as the city of Boston is below the standard of compensation maintained by other large cities. It is desirable by all means to declare the tax rate this year at a figure lower than the rate of last year, but if it is possible within a reduced rate to grant additional maximum compensation to the firemen and policemen, I shall include a sum sufficient for this purpose in the coming municipal budget for 1928.” Berlin, Mass., to Purchase Apparatus—Berlin, Mass., will purchase a combination hose and chemical wagon. Chief Erickson of Newburyport Made to Resign—Mayor “Bossy Gillis of Newburyport, Mass., has forced the resignation of Chief John Erickson and…

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