Safely Measures Recommended

Issue 4 and Volume 81.

Safely Measures Recommended Through efforts of the Safety Council and the Chamber of Commerce in Springfield, Mass., working in conjunction with Chief William H. Daggett, of the Springfield Fire Department, a bill has been prepared for introduction in the Massachusetts legislature covering certain features of fire prevention and inspection for which it is desired that control be vested in fire departments. Among the provisions brought up for consideration, were the following: Require the use of metal receptacles for ashes, waste paper and rubbish except in one family dwellings. Require the use of self-closing safety cans for volatile, inflammable liquids, such as gasoline, benzine, naphtha, etc. Require that oily rags and waste, when not in actual use, be stored in metal containers with self-closing covers and riveted joints, the container being raised at least five inches above the floor on metal legs. Prohibit the use of rubber tubing as connections for…

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