Fireman Killed in Roof Fall

Issue 4 and Volume 81.

Fireman Killed in Roof Fall John Dwyer, member of Hook and Ladder Company 78, of Tompkinsville, Staten Island, N. Y., was killed when he fell from an ice covered roof while fighting a fire in a city-owned coal pocket. He was one of the first to reach the blaze and climbed a ladder to the corrugated iron roof dragging a hose after him. It was a cold day and the streams of water had frozen making the roof very slippery. Dwyer slipped. He tried to regain his balance but fell eighty feet to the ground. An ambulance removed him to the Staten Island Hospital but he died later of a fractured skull and internal injuries. He was thirty-five years old and a member of the department for nine years. He is survived by his wife and four small children. A sad part of the incident was that while Dwyer fell,…

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