Two Convicted of Arson Plot

Issue 4 and Volume 81.

Two Convicted of Arson Plot After repeated questioning, two restaurant proprietors finally broke down and admitted that they had hired some men to set fire to their restaurant in order to collect on a $52,000 insurance policy. The two men found shortly after they had opened the restaurant, that they were losing money at the rate of one hundred dollars a day. They decided it would be a wiser move to collect on the insurance policy. They hired two men to set fire to the place and paid them $700 with promise of a larger fee when the insurance money was collected. The work of the incendiaries was very crude. When the fire department arrived they found carefully laid cotton fuses to various parts of the restaurant and fires started in about six different places. The blaze was extinguished with only $1,500 damage. The search for the accomplices was unsuccessful.…

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