Issue 4 and Volume 81.

FIRE DEPARTMENT ACTIVITIES Cambridge, Mass., May Have Drill Tower—Cambridge, Mass., is considering the erection of a drill tower. Fennimore, Wis., to Have Apparatus—Plans are being made in Fennimore, Wis., for a community fire apparatus. Frankfort, N. Y., Insures Firemen—Village officials of Frankfort, N. Y., have taken out a blanket insurance policy for twenty-five members of the fire department. Bloomington, Ill., Improves Fire Alarm System—Equipment has been purchased with which to improve the fire alarm system of Bloomington, Ill. Lakewood. O., Firemen Get Pay Increase—Firemen of Lakewood, Ohio, will receive a fiat pay increase of $360. East Cleveland firemen will get a seven per cent, increase. Coatesville, Pa., to Have Fire Alarm System&emdash;The new Gantewell fire alarm system being installed in Coatesville, Pa., for $15,000 is nearly completed. Apparatus Speed Fixed in Burlington County—The speed of fire apparatus has been fixed in Burlington County, Pa., at twenty-five miles an hour. Elgin…

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