Conference Will Consider Hose Threads

Issue 5 and Volume 81.

Conference Will Consider Hose Threads Sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the American Water Works Association and the National Board of Fire Underwriters, a meeting has been called at the Engineering Societies Building, 29 West 39th street, New York, to consider the manufacture and distribution of fire and small hose couplings. The meeting will be held on March 16 at 10 a. m. A large group is expected to attend. The conference will consider methods to increase the rate which this standard will be accepted, methods employed by various companies in cutting and gaging standard fire hose coupling thread, the best gages for field inspection work, and recommendations concerning standardization of small hose threads varying from 1/2to 2-inch. Other topics bearing on the subject will undoubtedly be brought up.

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