An Assignment Card to Reduce Runs

Issue 5 and Volume 81.

An Assignment Card to Reduce Runs Suggested Card Eliminates Unnecessary Relocations of Fire Companies— District Always Protected by Fire Companies Acquainted Therewith SOME time ago there appeared in FIRE ENGINEERING an item by A. C. Hutson, assistant chief engineer of the National Board of Fire Underwriters on covering-in for multiple alarms. To further illustrate this I have developed some drawings. This study will only consider engine companies, although ladder companies. squad companies and chief officers can he assigned in a similar manner as the one described. The upper half of the assignment card shows companies that are to respond to fires on the first, second, third, fourth and fifth alarms respectively. Companies that are to change their location are shown for second alarm only, giving the company number to which they are to relocate. The companies nearest to the box locations are sent on the first alarm as it is…

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