Chiefs’ Convention to be Held Oct. 17-20

Issue 5 and Volume 81.

Chiefs’ Convention to be Held Oct. 17-20 Directors International Association of Fire Chiefs Set Date for Philadelphia (gathering—Topics Selected—Business Transacted at Executive Meeting SETTING October 17-20, inclusive, as the date of the next convention, the officers and directors of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, in executive session February 28-29 at Philadelphia, the convention city, made plans for what promises to be one of the best attended annual gatherings the association has had in many years. The convention, practically speaking, will occupy the whole week of October 15th with the Eastern Association of Fire Chiefs, organized as the Eastern Division of the International, holding its meeting on the 15th and 16th immediately preceding the official opening of the International on the 17th. The BelleVueSt rat ford Hotel, where the meeting was held, was selected as convention headquarters, and the Second Regiment Armory, with 33.000 feet of floor space and located…

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