Chief Thurston of Honolulu Dead

Issue 5 and Volume 81.

Chief Thurston of Honolulu Dead Chief Charles Henry Thurston, head of the fire department at Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii, died at the Queen’s Hospital, following a heart attack while playing golf, February 18. The chief and his son, Paul, had just completed one round of golf and were awaiting their turn to go around again. He complained of a pain in his heart and a few minutes later collapsed. His son and his chauffeur placed him in his car and rushed him to the hospital. He died at 3:30, shortly after being admitted. Chief Thurston was regarded as a highly efficient man and was constantly seen at I. A. F. C. conventions. The chief was born at Yarmouth,Nova Scotia, November 21, 1870. He gave up his school work at fourteen and went to sea. He crossed the Atlantic ocean several times and later came to Honolulu. Shortly after his arrival…

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