Farmers Not Liable for Injuries

Issue 7 and Volume 81.

Farmers Not Liable for Injuries The modern practice of having a rural community purchase fire apparatus that is manned and serviced by the town fire department has created a peculiar situation. Is the farmer who contributed to the purchase of the apparatus liable for injuries that a fireman may receive while responding to a fire call? According to the Workmen’s Compensation Act they are not. The law does not define the farmers as employers of the firemen. Those seeking relief under the measure must show that the legal contract exists between the parties, that is, the fanner and the firemen. But there is no such relation. There is no contract of employment, no wages are paid to the department members by the farmers and no supervision is exercised over the firemen by the firemen or their representatives. Some one versed in the law has pointed out that it is also…

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