New Station Planned for Chicago

Issue 7 and Volume 81.

New Station Planned for Chicago Chicago will soon have another attractive fire station. A two story building has been planned, to be of fireproof construction. It will have ornamental terra cotta on all four sides. In the basement will be the fuel room, oil burner boiler equipment, space for a work bench and storage space. Besides the apparatus room on the ground floor, there will be a drying closet. In the front a one-story lounge room is provided for the use of firemen and visitors. In the rear will be the dining room and kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, range, sink, kitchen cabinet and other essentials to give it a homelike appearance. Toilet space is also provided. Dormitory and locker space is provided on the second floor. There are also officers’ rooms. The entire second floor is equipped with Venetian blinds, rolling screens and counterweight window sash which may be…

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