Assistance Asked for Lumber Yard Blaze

Issue 11 and Volume 81.

Assistance Asked for Lumber Yard Blaze A large part of a lumber yard in Clifton. N. J., a two-family dwelling, a part of another house and a garage containing two cars were destroyed in a fire that was fanned by a stiff wind. The owner of the yard was superintending the loading of some trucks at the time and he noticed flames shoot up followed by roaring flashes. The department was called at once. Before the companies had arrived the flames involved the entire shed. Firemen had difficulty in reaching the yard because of a heavy black fog about the section. An attempt was made to save the adjoining buildings. Aid was called from Passaic. Chief R. H. Bowker of Passaic who was on his way to the lumber yard narrowly averted a serious accident. His car crashed into a large truck but the chief was not injured. He drove…

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