Issue 15 and Volume 81.

FALSE ALARMS A drill instructor who was very fond of animals was giving individual lessons to a rookie who appeared to be somewhat backward at the fire department school. “Now remember, son,” he said during ladder work, “you must always watch the dogs.” The rookie seemed puzzled for a moment. “Pardon me sir, but do they bite.” PROPERLY DIRECTED A stranger in town who was suffering from a cinder in his eye, was walking by the fire station. He stopped in the doorway and asked: “Can you tell me the way to an emergency hospital ?” Just then an alarm came in and the gong sounded. “Just stand where you are now,” replied the desk man, “you’ll get there in a hurry.” THE WRONG ROAD McGillins selected June as the month to be married. Everything was arranged ; he had his two weeks’ leave, members of Truck 7 company were…

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