E. Orange Firemen Trained for Lecturers

Issue 17 and Volume 81.

E. Orange Firemen Trained for Lecturers Firemen in East Orange, N. J., must do more than extinguish fires—they must be able to visit various places of public assembly and schools and talk on fire prevention subjects. James J. McMillan, chief of the fire department, has always been a firm believer in the value of such educational work. He said: “Shortly after our young men have been appointed to the force, we send them to the kindergarten to talk to the babies. They tell the little ones what to do with matches when they find them, the kind of box to keep them in and so forth, and they close their talk by inviting the youngsters to visit the firehouse nearest to the school. “When the children arrive at the department quarters they are shown through the house and as much explained to them as is possible for them to understand.…

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