Issue 17 and Volume 81.

INDUSTRIAL PLANT PROTECTION CARBON DIOXIDE EXTINGUISHERS SUITABLE FOR INDUSTRIAL WORK Scheme Is Not New but Was Prevented in Developing by Clogging of Discharge Nozzle— Large Electrical Units May Be Protected* FIRE needs oxygen. An inert gas can therefore be used to extinguish fire by depriving it of oxygen. If the oxygen content in air, normally twenty-one per cent, is reduced to twelve or fifteen per cent, flame dies out, and smoldering stops at eight per cent. Carbon dioxide is especially suitable, because it is easily obtainable and relatively cheap. It does not damage the most delicate materials, and no added loss results, as when water or chemicals are used. It does not short-circuit electrical equipment and the stream does not conduct current. It has no effect upon insulating material, and leaves no residue which has to he cleaned away. Stored as a liquid in pressure containers, it keeps indefinitely and…

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