Issue 21 and Volume 81.

CONTENTS VOLUME LXXXI OCTOBER 17, 1928 NUMBER 21 Philadelphia’s Modern Fire Department, by Chief Ross B. Davis (Illustrated). 923 Interesting History of the Fire Service of the City—Its Present Efficient Condition—The Various Divisions. Where Does Civil Service Stand at Present in the Fire Service?. 925 A Nation wide Survey Among Large Cities Shows Some Interesting Facts. Should Apparatus Leave Town? (Illustrated). 927 Survey to Ascertain Conditions Resulting from Equipment Leaving for Department Parades and to Aid Neighboring Municipalities. The Los Angeles Fire College Course, by Asst. Chief S. H. Dodd (Illustrated). 929 Its Fourth Consecutive Year of Operation—Is Fully Equipped with All Kinds of Tools and Appliances—Courses Are Comprehensive. What Should Modern Fire Department Rules and Regulations Include?. 931 Wide Diversity at Present in Rules of Different Departments—First of a Series of Articles on This Subject. The Firemen Are Not Always to Blame! by Henry W. Pilch (Illustrated). 933 Often…

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