New Standpipe Rules For New York

Issue 21 and Volume 81.

New Standpipe Rules For New York Recently Adopted by Board of Standards and Appeals—To be Published Serially in These Columns AS OUTLINED in the last issue of FIRE ENGINEERING, the first installment of the new “Standpipc-Fire Line Rides” of New York City is published herewith. The original rules were adopted by the Board of Standards and Appeals of that city on June 22. 1922, were amended July 20, 1923, and again on May 18, 1928. The finally adopted form, as reproduced herewith, were adopted July 20. 1928. Through the courtesy of Chairman William E. Walsh, of the Board, FIRE ENGINEERING is enabled to publish the entire new rules serially. These new rules are formulated largely through the efforts of Peter J. Maher. Fire Prevention Inspector attached to the Division of Fire Appliances of the New York Fire Department. RULE 1. PLANS.-A preliminary set of paper plans and cross sections, drawn…

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