The Firemen Are Not Always to Blame!

Issue 21 and Volume 81.

The Firemen Are Not Always to Blame! Small Blazes Often Develop Into Conflagrations Because Firemen Are Hindered in Proper Performance of Their Normal Duty Drawings by “Art” Espey “WELL, the foundation has been saved,” some village know-it-all will remark after the fire department ends a losing fight. But few of the sidewalk fire-fighters pause to realize that knowingly or unknowingly, obstacles have arisen that would nullify the efficiency of the best trained department. Modern pumpers maintained in the best of mechanical condition, outfitted with the best grade of fire hose and manned by men thoroughly trained in their duties, are of no value if water is not provided for just such emergencies. A number of incidents have occurred that bear out this fact, and heads of departments can tell of others. Firemen from Millburn Center, N. J., made a fivemile run in response to an alarm. When they arrived, the…

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