Is Salvage Work Justified?

Issue 2 and Volume 82.

Is Salvage Work Justified? No Fire Department Duty Better Appreciated by Public—Use of Covers in Preventing Water Damage MUNICIPAL salvage is directly in line with the policy of fire extinguishment with the least possible damage that is the very foundation of the American system of best and most approved methods of modern fire fighting. The following paper treats the sub feet in an interesting and instructive way: Time was when the one activity, or major duty of the fire department, was the extinguishment of fires. Firemen sat around the engine houses awaiting an alarm, and then attempting to extinguish the fire as best they could, in many cases using large quantities of water that did more property damage than the actual fire itself. Today, the fire department has three major functions. The first of these is fire prevention, which if properly applied, covers public safety in all of its ramifications.…

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