Overhauling Hay and Cotton Fires

Issue 6 and Volume 82.

Overhauling Hay and Cotton Fires The common practice in the past has been, when overhauling hay and cotton fires, to open up the bales to get at any fire remaining. Apparently this method is losing in popularity. It has been found that where fire has entered a bale of cotton, it can be completely extinguished within the bale by inserting a small nozzle in the hole which the fire has made and letting the water flow for a moment or two. Fire, when entering a bale of cotton, usually leaves a hole which can be quickly found on the outside of the bale. When employing this method for overhauling cotton, each bale is rolled over face by face and each face is inspected. A little prodding with the handle of an axe, a piece of wood, etc., will quickly determine whether or not fire has burned its way into the…

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