Fire Explodes Ten Cases of Dynamite

Issue 6 and Volume 82.

Fire Explodes Ten Cases of Dynamite A catastrophe occurred recently in Scribner, Neb., which disproves the popular conception that fire will not detonate dynamite. Five hundred pounds of dynamite that was stored on a farm to open possible ice gorges that might form near bridges, exploded as the result of a fire, and four persons were killed and nearly fifty others injured. The volunteer fire department was called to fight what was supposedly one of the general run of farm fires. About one hundred persons were attracted by the flames. The ten cases of dynamite stored in the barn was set off by the heat. The explosion was reported felt twenty miles away. Farm building were demolished and windows in the town were shattered. Doctors were rushed from Dodge, North Bend, Fremont and Omaha. The mayor of Scribner was in Omaha when the explosion occurred. He read about it in…

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