Issue 6 and Volume 82.

Extremes YOU needn’t dash recklessly through crowded streets nor need you move so slowly and conservatively as to impede traffic. (This morning we saw a ramshackle old Ford stop at the corner of Fifth Ave. and 34th St. to discharge a slowmoving passenger, while a big Fifth Ave. bus and a whole string of blocked vehicles tooted frantically to get by.) There’s a happy medium of conservative progress we all aspire to; and the constant endeavor of this publication is to give you, both through its editorial and news columns and through its advertising pages, the sort of information that will be helpfully constructive and safe. You read it, Mr. Subscriber, and you advertise in it, Mr. Manufacturer. because you know these principles to he sound. It is a constant pleasure to meet you all on this basis of mutual helpfulness and confidence.

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