Issue 6 and Volume 82.

FALSE ALARMS —Drawing by “Art” Espey WHERE THEY ERRED Out in the big open spaces where when things are done, they are done properly, the firemen had a reputation for staging some very wild parties, at times. That is why when a certain fireman went calling his host asked him: “I wonder if what I hear is true—that the fireman’s life here is mostly, wine, women, and song.” “Naw, don’t you believe it,” was the reply. “You very seldom hear singing in the dormitory.” Don’t ever believe that autos are ruining the younger generation. It is the other way around. NOT ALARMING The new girl who had been operating the department switchboard for the past month, resigned from her job. Of course, any one would notice when an attractive girl left. “Why did she leave? Is she going to get married?” “No. She said that she was not used to…

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