Egyptian Association Has Effective Card

Issue 6 and Volume 82.

Egyptian Association Has Effective Card Member-departments of the Egyptian Fire Fighters Association of which Chief Albert Herring of Murphysboro, Ill., is president, need have no tear concerning lack of equipment at a fire. An effective and efficient running card has been arranged so that no town is left without fire protection when outside aid is called to fight a large fire. There are sixty-six company-members. Chief Herring has a list of the fire-fighting equipment of each of the members, and of the available fire-fighting defense. Should a town without water supply desire assistance, the card is arranged so that chemical cars are sent. If the community has a water supply system, pumpers are dispatched in answer to the call. The association has never had the system fail. As an example of how the “back-up” plan works, on Christmas morning Mt. Vernon went out to the rural section to fight a…

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