Pensions, Compensations and the Law

Issue 6 and Volume 82.

Pensions, Compensations and the Law Various Phases of the Law on These Questions, as Interpreted by the Higher Courts—Some Important Decisions FREQUENTLY, litigation develops over the legal construction of the term “in the service of the city,” often appearing in city charters and municipal ordinances. It is important to know that while an ordinance must conform with the legal interpretation of the charter, yet the ordinance is valid although it contains terms explanatory of the charter. For instance, in Tripp vs. Board of Fire and Police Pension Commissioners of city of Fresno. 271 Pac. 795, it was shown that a city charter provides: “The City Commission shall by ordinance provide for and establish a fund or funds for the relief and pensioning of members of the Police and Fire Departments who have been disabled or become superannuated in the service of the city, and shall provide for the administration of…

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