Capt. McCarthy Heads Battalion List

Issue 6 and Volume 82.

Capt. McCarthy Heads Battalion List Capt John J. McCarthy of the New York Fire Department detailed to fire headquarters in charge of the Division of Places of Public Assembly, captured highest honors on the new eligible list for promotion to the rank of Battalion Chief, according to the Municipal Civil Service Commission. The examination was held last July and 198 fire captains competed. Seventy-seven of them attained the required 80% as the final average to qualify. Crapt. McCarthy is one of the departments most progressive officers. He is only 37 years of age and has been in the service fifteen years. He compiled and edited the departments book of rules and regulations. For the past five years he has been the commanding officer of the division that has the responsible jurisdiction over theatres and other places of public amusement. As a fireman during the World War, he enlisted and because…

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