Chief’s Car Crashes Into Apparatus

Issue 7 and Volume 82.

Chief’s Car Crashes Into Apparatus One fireman was killed, another seriously injured, two slightly hurt and a civilian injured at Quincy, Ill., when the chemical engine from Station No. 8 and the coupe driven by Chief Ed rates collided at Eighteenth and Broadway while in response to an alarm four blocks from the scene of the crash. Ernest J. Yost, driver of the engine, was killed. Chief Yates received bruises on head and back. By a strange coincidence, the alarm that resulted in the crash from the home of a fireman who was injured in the crash. Chief Yates and a mechanic, Poepping, left department headquarters shortly before the alarm was sounded at 4:48 o’clock in the afternoon. Companies 2, 6 and 8 responded. As the chief reached Sixteenth and Vermont, three blocks from the scene of the accident, they heard the siren of Company No. 2 as it went…

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