Issue 9 and Volume 82.

WITH THE EDITOR Rivaling the Doctors The fireman s life is a varied one and his duties lead him into many peculiar situations. One of the most remarkable of these has arisen from the humanitarian work which the Fire Department of Milwaukee—in company with those of many other cities of importance—has performed through its rescue squad. Of late the inhalators and oxygen tanks of this unit in the Wisconsin city have been called into service quite often in the emergency treatment of cases of asphyxiation, drowning, heart disease, infants in convulsions, and many other ills of humanity. During 1928, it is said, some 507 such emergency cases were treated by the rescue squad, and thus far this year the number has amounted to 245. Now the physicians of the city are up in arms, for reasons not stated. The complaints have gone so far that an investigation has been started…

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