New Rochelle’s Report Shows Good Work

Issue 9 and Volume 82.

New Rochelle’s Report Shows Good Work Chief Walter Jones of New Rochelle, N. Y., has filed with the Board of Fire Commissioners of that city his report of the operations of the Fire Department for the year 1928. He reports that the fire fighting force of that city is now fully and adequately organized on a paid basis, with a captain, lieutenant and complement of firemen for each company. One of the conditions prerequisite to Chief Jones accepting that post of duty several years ago was a fullpaid force within a reasonable time. Six additional firemen were appointed during the year and only one fireman resigned. The city now has 15,546 buildings, 110 public alarm boxes, twelve in schools, and ten in private homes. The department responded to 303 alarms; most fires were in frame buildings, 93 in automobiles, 27 in brick or stone houses and the balance not classified.…

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