What Should Modern Rules Include?

Issue 10 and Volume 82.

What Should Modern Rules Include? Rules and Regulations for House Watch Duty Considered in this Installment—Fifteenth of Series IN this installment of the series of articles on the rules and regulations of fire departments are considered the rules pertaining to house watch duty. There are fifty-one rules regulating this duty, as compared with forty-five rules for fire alarm telegraph operators and eighteen for fire alarm telegraph linemen, considered in the last issue of FIRE ENGINEERING. In thirteen of the forty-one departments considered the following rule is incorporated: “There shall be kept in all company houses a continuous apparatus floor watch. Commanding Officers in charge of Company quarters will make floor watch assignments.” Eleven of the forty-one cities considered incorporate the following rule: “The house watchman shall have charge of the Company day book during his watch, and shall make all necessary entries therein unless otherwise provided by the officer in…

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