“What Could Be Sweeter?”

Issue 10 and Volume 82.

“What Could Be Sweeter?” “I want to compliment you on the excellence of FIRE ENGINEERING” writes Chief Robert J. Benham of the Washington, Conn. Volunteer Fire Department. “It is far ahead of anything I have ever read in fire magazines and is certainly a paper every fire chief should subscribe for. Enclosed find my check for $5 to cover the renewal of my subscription for the next two years.” Thanks for the check and the kind words, friend Benham. The citizens of your community have reason to be proud that their safety against fire is in the hands of a man who keeps so thoroughly informed on modern fire protection methods and believes that the management of a fire department is more than just a matter of wearing a gold-braided parade uniform. The average volunteer fire department nowadays is getting to be a mighty efficient organization and often does things…

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