Issue 11 and Volume 82.

WITH THE EDITOR How Prevent Repetition of Hospital Horror Naturally there will be a number of exhaustive examinations to determine the responsibility for the disaster in Cleveland. Chio, where a defective steam pipe in the basement of a hospital caused the explosion of X-Ray films. These burning films threw off deadly fumes, known as nitrogen dioxide gas, which, being distributed through the ventilators designed to furnish fresh air to the patients in the wards and other parts of the hospital, spread death in all parts of the structure. But, while these investigations as to who is responsible for this terrible slaughter, in which so far 125 men and women have perished, are important, and should be pushed to a conclusion, the most important thing to discover at the present time, is how to insure against the recurrence of such catastrophes. Practically every modern hospital has on file similar X-ray films,…

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