What Should Modern Rules Include?

Issue 12 and Volume 82.

What Should Modern Rules Include? Rules and Regulations Covering Duties for Truckmen and Mechanics or Helpers Considered—Seventeenth of Series IN this installment of the series of articles on the rules and regulations of fire departments are considered the rules pertaining to truckmen and to mechanics or helpers. There are six rules regulating the duties of truckmen and twelve for mechanics or helpers in the forty-one reports analyzed, as against twenty rules for drillmasters, eleven for chiefs’ aids or drivers and ten for pipemen, hosemen and hydrantmen, considered in the last issue of FIRE ENGINEERING: Truckmen In six of the forty-one departments considered the following rule is incorporated: “Truckmen shall also perform such other duties as may be required of them by their superior officers, or the rules and regulations of the Department.” Three of the departments consider the following rule essential: “It shall be the duty of truckmen to keep…

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